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Our weekend school program focuses on simplified Islamic studies subjects that are designed to help a child understand and apply the basic duties of a Muslim, as well as, seek opportunities to better our communities.
Lessons for each grade contain age appropriate content that follows a research based scope and sequence program.  Textbooks are engaging, 
easy to understand, and meet the readability standards for each age group.     

School Subjects 

Being a Muslim 

Internalizing our responsibilities and etiquette of a Muslim.  Topics include doing your best, being honest and trustworthy, and displaying kindness and respect for others.   

Loving Rasulullah (s)

Building a relationship with Rasulullah (s) by studying his history, sunnah, hadith, and characteristics - then working to apply these in daily life.    

Ways of Worship

Fulfilling our duty to Allah (swt) by worshiping Him in the best ways possible. We work to understand and apply the rules and practices of wudu, taharah, salah, zakah, fasting, and hajj  

History of Our Prophets

Learning from great examples is the best form of education.  Students study in detail the magnificent stories of the 25 prophets mentioned in the Qur'an (study 4 prophets / grade).

Our Beliefs

Obtaining a deeper understanding of our belief in Allah (swt) and his attributes, as well as, our belief in angels, books, prophets, the last day, and life after death.  

Qur'anic Studies 

Appreciating the beauty of the Qur'an by memorizing short duas and surahs, understanding the basic meaning, being able to recite in salah and apply context to our personal life.  

Character Development

Best known in our school as Sunnah in Action, we learn the meaning of following in Rasulullah's footsteps with hands-on projects.  We do a practical study of community service, leadership, environment, social justice, gratitude and kindness.

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