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Welcome to WISE Academy!


It is my honor to be serving the members of our beautiful Wise community. I have been teaching in the public school system as a high school English teacher for 14 years.  I am deeply passionate about connecting students to a meaningful curriculum that is presented in a classroom that embodies respect and rigor.  My vision to serve the future Muslim generations began when I first started writing Islamic Children's literature.  Giving voice to the youth, and teaching them how to eloquently use that voice as young, bright Muslims is a goal that I hope to achieve with our children, inshaAllah. Working in an Islamic environment is one of the most wonderful blessings that I've been given. Always make dua for us, as we make dua for you and your family.


Alhamdulillah, the teachers and staff are working hard throughout the year to ensure that this vision is seen through. Remember that you are the child's first teacher, and your input into their education is valuable. We are all about teamwork this year from home to school, and in the classroom--be it in person and/or virtual.  


My teaching philosophy is no different than my parenting philosophy, and that is to know your learner/child.  Be present, be current with the times, and do this with compassion.  Our children are our future, so to prioritize them is to prioritize a promising future for all.


Sr. Samia Khan, Principal

Our Teachers

Jazak'Allah Khair to our dedicated teachers, staff and volunteers - without whom the school would not be possible!  We are grateful to have such patient, creative, and inspiring people on our WISE team.  Your dedication and hard work has helped make Islamic school a positive experience for our students. 


We appreciate your efforts in helping to support our school's mission to provide students with an enriched Islamic education that is valuable and meaningful. Your passion for teaching in a way that resonates with students is reflective in their joy when they arrive to school every week at WISE.        ​

We make dua' for these exceptional volunteers who sacrifice their time and personal commitments to help improve our community and educate our children.  May Allah (swt) grant you the highest rewards and blessings for your service.   


Samana Khan

Sr. Samana Khan

Keyboard and Mouse

Our Board Members

Samana Khan, President, Director of Education 
Faiza Wasif, Director of Operations, Board Chair 
Imran Khan, Director of Culture and Community Outreach
Syed Aiyaz Ahmed, Director of Finance, Board Treasurer 
Amena Khan, Director of Student Programs 
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