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3rd & 4th Graders Service Meals on Wheels

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

Students worked to lift spirits and bring joy to elderly recipients of Meals on Wheels.

As part of their Sunnah in Action community service unit - 3rd and 4th grade students worked together to create inspirational lunch sacks for Meals on Wheels recipients.

“Meals on Wheels is a wonderful and essential resource that supports seniors in need with food delivery programs." - Sr. Amena Khan

Within the service curriculum, students learned about the Sunnah of helping people in need and maintaining love and respect for the elderly members of our community. Students then put their learning into action by writing uplifting and inspirational messages on lunch sacks. Students enjoyed writing special messages, jokes, riddles, and warm greetings for program recipients.

Lunches are packed into the student decorated sacks and are delivered to elderly community members. We found out that often food delivery recipients live alone and appreciate even the smallest sentiments of care and kindness!

Caring for elderly in our community is just one more way WISE students follow the Sunnah!

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