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Craft Drive for Children's Hospital- Hosted by 6th Graders

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

6th grade students shared their spirit of community service by planning and executing an art supply drive for a local children's hospital.

As part of their Sunnah in Action class, 6th graders were tasked with the incredible job of planning and hosting an art supply drive for children at Advocate hospital. Students were fully responsible for the entire project.

“This was an awesome project. It felt great to do something nice for others. Planning a donation drive is a lot of work but it's worth it to see kids get happy.” - 6th Grade Class

They started by brainstorming a list of art supplies that would be appreciated by children in the hospital. Then they refined the list and selected items that would be easy for people to donate. Next they confirmed the list with the hospital staff - who in turn gave students a set of instructions to follow.

Once the donation list was finalized, 6th graders decided to assign each grade in the school an item their class would be responsible for collecting. 6th graders designed their own marketing flyers and posers to raise awareness of the project. Some students made announcements in each class while others stood outside with signs during parent pick up time.

On donation day, 6th graders were responsible for setting up donation boxes and inventorying the supplies. The collected a 50 coloring books, 300 pencils, 26 boxes of markers, 41 boxes of crayons, a thousand stickers, over 20 packages of construction paper and more! Hospital coordination and drop off was completed by WISE staff.

Advocate Hospital showed their appreciation by sending WISE students neat giveaway, including coloring changing pencils, hand-sanitizers, and key chains. Withs thanks to Allah (swt) the supply drive was successful - this is just one more way WISE students follow the Sunnah of helping the community.

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